Wednesday, April 29, 2009

i have one big problem :
i can hardly say no and always end up giving false hope
to opportunities & offers that come to me
as a result, i have too many things to juggle now, and i think i should make a cut.

may it be the right choice.

not this way though, haha

mm.. not quite. not that serious.

that's better.

fyuh. so long Bali.

Monday, April 27, 2009

two words for you

Mitra Adi Perkasa (M.A.P) - the company that owns starbucks, zara, top shop, debenhams, and just about every store you could think of in every mall in the country, has proved that they care about their customers today at least by having technicians to check out a few different cctv cameras and invited me to have a look, since i lost my phone 3 days ago in zara plaza senayan. 

i can't really tell who's the pickpocket, coz the images on the cctv are not strong enough to prove that anyone is to blame for this incident. 

but i think these two people (girl in black dress and guy in white T-shirt) might have something to do with it (i was the girl in the white T-shirt & blue skirt in front) . coz when they passed me, my bag moved, and a dress fell from the hanger. it all happened so fast. well anyways, whoever took my phone. i have two words for you...

bless you.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

first day.

This is quite weird. I'm so nervous yet excited at the same time. I was 15 minutes late. but, since 'the book' hasn't arrived, i'm pretty much on time. It's a most-girl office, third floor chita kirana, harper'z bazaar covers all around, and i'm like this little girl with this white chiffon shirt and black zara pants & peep-toe wedges, sitting in front of a computer, and my heart beats a bit faster. ayyy..i get a bit self- conscious now, thinking about my hair and my outfit. the other girls seem pretty relaxed. maybe i just have to get used to it. everyone's busy, phones ringing, people talking about top models & high-end fashion brands that would be featured in the next issue.

i also saw a familiar face of sydney's gaul people walking around. wow, didn't know she's back for good and works here as well. haha. anyways..

i remain silent. throw some smiles at the girls. and just sit politely. checking my blog.

i'm used to being in a new environment. in 12 academic years, i was in 9 schools! haha. i was almost an 'anak baru' every end of summer holiday. so it shouldn't be a problem for me to get to know new people. yet, still..this is different.

i'm just thankful. happy. and feeling like I have to depend on Him like i have never been before.

wish me luck ayt ;)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

dare me.

i accepted the offer of being the 'editor in chief' of American Express Official Guide to Bali.
it's not really a good money, but it's a good experience to put on my CV.
i've never been an editor before, so it'll be quite challenging.

i have to do everything from scratch, and get the material printed in about 3 weeks from now.
mission impossible hey. but I've dared myself to do it.

i'll have to go to Bali for 5 days soon to report and interview people.

btw, Ms.M just called, I'm coming to 73 Lombok st on Monday to do some editing with them.
that means to have a look at "the Book" that is delivered to Miranda Priestly's place in Devil Wears Prada hahaha..

okay, no joke. i need to work freakin hard now.
oh, btw, have I mentioned that I'm turning 20 in 2 weeks? haha


I'm turning 20 in two weeks

so what? u might ask.
so you won't forget to wish me a happy birthday and buy me presents. hahahaha.
being vain on thursday afternoon. starbucks plaza senayan. by myself. trying to write an article. blah.

Monday, April 20, 2009

You've Got Mail

"I just need you to realise how important your job is and what a tremendous effect it will contribute if you're not careful. so, please be careful and meticulous so it won't happen again in the future, okay? =) "

-BS, assistant managing Editor of A

I just got home from my "side" project meeting (as the editor-in-chief -to be of the official American Express 'Guide to Bali' magazine). I was stuffed with a lot of confusion and doubts when I read this email from Ms. B, the assistant managing editor of A magazine. They happened to find a few 'inaccuracy' on my translations.
Ahh...darn it.. why do I have to make mistakes in my first week of working on my 'dream job'??!
Now I'm getting a little insecure and stressed.
We're talking about a high fashion magazine, I really need to be careful or they'd cut me off. Thousands of girls would want to replace me in 5 minutes.

Oh well, better work and pray harder. FOCUS NOW! WHOOZAH!

Friday, April 17, 2009

should we start from asl pls again ?

things change. like it or not, they always do.

it's heartbreaking to watch it happens sometimes.

they say patience and 9-5 job would cure this gap we have.

would they really? do you still even know me now?

cause i feel like i'm losing it. you.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


it's crazy how my weak flesh
could distract, shatter, and twist my focus
in just a split second
it could cause me to destroy everything i've build

i should probably do those meditation thingy
shutting my eyes, chanting

jai guru deva om....

my essentials, one day, soon.

1. Nars black mascara
2. Bobbi Brown shimmer brick compact
3. Starbucks' hot skim hazelnut latte
4. Nars rouge lipstick
5. Lorimclean Eiffel tower ring
6. Modcloth green chasing feather bangle
7. Harper's Bazaar UK latest issue
8. iPhone iSlider
9. Forever 21 faceted bead & chain necklace
10.McQ Tux Jumpsuit
11. Ray Ban wayfarer sunglasses
12. Hermes black birkin bag
13. Jimmy Choo corsica strappy sandals

Plus the American Express 'Black Card' to buy them all.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

the call.

D: hh..hh..morning *catching her breath after running on the treadmill*
M: good morning, may I speak to D?
D: yes, this is her.
M: hey, D, this is M calling from 73 Lombok st.
D: oh, hi Ms.M *omg, isn't she the editor?*
M: How are you? sorry for the late respond to your last job test
D: it's totally fine, Ma'am.
M: we actually like your writing, though we were hoping you could be more casual with some of the words. like instead of 'centre of the city' you could say 'down town', you know?
D: oh, got it Ma'am. yes, I think I could've been more casual, thank you.
M: anyways, are you busy with your contributing writing for the magazine in Sydney?
D: not at the moment, Ma'am.
M: awesome. I'll email you two articles for our June issue this afternoon. it would be great if you could get them done by tomorrow at this time.
D: ... *not really getting where the conversation was going*
M: oh, and this is not a job test. your fee would be based on how many pages you do
D: mm..okay Ma'am
M: we might sign you on a contract later on.
D: yes Ma'am

M: okay, that's all. thank you, D. have a good day.
D: you too, Ma'am.

all credits go to Jehovah Jirreh.
I can only say Thank You.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

first time.

okay, it might look like 'something else' but it's definitely my inked pinky :)
can't believe how much money and time people have sacrificed for this
hope my lil' pinky could make history

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

again and again

is it just me or is it everybody's need to be comforted, calmed, loved, and reassured
instead of yelled at and blamed?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

why i check my phone every 5 minutes

published only in Italy, Germany, Singapore, and currently Indonesia.

social issues. politics. lifestyle for sophisticated women. and avant-garde fashion

the only English-based women magazine in Indonesia.

published by MRA media.

Jalan Lombok 73, Menteng, 3rd floor (along with Harper's Bazaar)

anytime, Ms. Miranti.

Friday, April 3, 2009

current anthem.

If you don’t wanna be my best friend, then why am I still in your bed?
If you can’t stand the way I talk, then why am I still here?
If i don't give you anything why are you still hanging on?
If you can’t see I’m everything you’ll ever need
you must be out of your head

I don't know what planet you're on
But I wanna be on it

with you

what planet you're on by luciana ft. bodyrox

oakenfold. bone. fiesta. p double. us, geeks.

paul oakenfold, spinning on 'miracle by fragma' & 'satisfaction by benny bennasi'
the geeks who captured o channel & lifestyle magazines' attentions
konichiwa btches.

breaking the spell of the typical