Sunday, September 27, 2009

elevator buttons

people who are close to us are like elevator buttons

some can only bring us down, and some can only take us up.

make sure you press the right button today,
and even better, be the right button.

as for me, I don't want to go anywhere but up.

so, shall we?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

leibovitz' classic.

i know, you've probably seen this spread. it's quite old, but i just felt like posting it.

the talented Anna Leibovitz did this film noir-like fashion spread for Vanity Fair back in 2007.

can you spot the actors in it? can you tell the plot?

some from spiderman, rocky balboa, fantastic 4, dreamgirls, bandidas, whisper.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

amen to this

"People laugh because I am different. I laugh because they all are the same." (Ian Vail)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

about the one with dunhill, latte, and brown wool jackets

he was one of those lecturers you would hate for the first time. but remember your whole life.
he would likely to challenge your thought, criticize it, question it, and push you to defend it.

he wouldn't care about your bad english
he'd know that you just need to be pushed
he wouldn't care about your asian background
he'd know that you have a lot to say, but you're just too scared to stand up for yourself

his rotten body didn't stop him from smoking
and having coffee at bella ciao in every break time.
we all used to think that he was on drugs
because of the peculiar gestures he used to make

i personally thought he looked like 'hunchback from Notre Dame' *no offense, sir*

his class was not the funnest class to be in.
it was Communication Skills.
yes, it forced us to get out of our comfort zone
come up with our own ideas, do research, and argue about it.

I personally think my encounter with him for 4 semesters was life-changing.

i remember coming to him on my final presentation day to tell him how confused I was
with my future, and of whether I should go to Melbourne to RMIT, stay in Sydney and got to UTS, or go back to Jakarta to continue my Bachelor's degree. or should I just work.

he calmly advised, 'as long as you love what you do. pursue it. it doesn't matter what uni you go to. if your parents want you to go back, then go back. communication studies in any uni would be the same. don't worry too much. you'll be alright', with his laidback australian accent.

the last time I saw him.

it was not the first time he told me that. he had always encouraged me to follow whatever works for me, and not to get pressurized by what others do.

you were a true mentor, sir. the one who stretched our way of thinking and our skills. the one who encouraged us to be ourselves.

Rest In Peace, Mike Whittle.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

a start.

credits to the author of salvation. the one who believes in me. the one who enables me. my solid rock.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

way before deadlines and previews

i was supposed to blog about Roberto Cavalli's A/W 2009 Preview this afternoon at Pacific Place but,
a). i didn't take any pics, so all you faithful readers won't have any idea of how it went
b). it was just a preview, so what more can i discuss here? you know Cavalli, each season has mostly been about colors, animal prints, maxi dresses.

I was overwhelmed by the whole vibe of the room, though. Photographers, models, fashion editors, and of course the socialites. I seriously didn't know what to do, cause I was invited just to attend it, not to cover the event. So, yeah, it was quite blurry. But I'm so glad that I got the chance to attend such event and be cool for an hour. hahahaha.

*i know, call me lame, it's okay* coz more related postings are coming soon. stay with me ;)

while resting my tired heels at home
I began to reminisce about how it all used to be, a year back.

everlasting tobacco
tons of fellow rebels (a.k.a the ganjas)
uni stuff on the weekdays, getting wasted on the weekend
leather jackets, shorts, ripped tights, and oversized t-shirts

those days seem to be just so far away.
*somehow I seem to be more poised these least until I start talking haha!*

and, i just miss them.

and everyone say 'aaw..'

japanese food was my life. look at those chubby cheeks.

central station. my daily route. *yes, leather jacket and jeans were my only outfit. aha*

the happy place. *you'll see why*

yes. we obeyed mr. marley.

unleashing the inner alay-ness.

the house of thousand memories.

i worked here as a waiter, for 3 days (it's eternity in my book)

easter show. yea, the ghost ride.

moments before the security came, sex pistols studio mock at MCA.

and of course. the last teary karaoke night before going home for good.

time flies huh? these pics always got me giggling.

everything's different now. and i have to move on to the next phase of life. i'm excited, i'm thrilled, i'm nervous, i'm clueless
but i'm positive that it's all gonna be great, and i'm gonna be just fine.

good night everyone. got some work to do tomorrow :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the only issue that matters

Peek into the making of Vogue September 2007 Issue in
The September Issue (premiered on August 28,2009 in theaters across U.S)
Where cameras go around NYC to follow the legendary fashion guru, Anna Wintour.

Cause you know what they say, September is the January in Fashion.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

just happened.

My favourite art piece at Bazaar Art Jakarta
Aug 28-30, 2009
Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place

my editor invited me to come. it's open for public btw. got approached by an art exhibition project manager while I was looking at artworks of Totok Buchori. she gave her card and asked me to translate some arts and gallery stuff. think I should email her soon :)
*I know, I should've brought a camera and a business card, damn it*

'Drew' Acoustic Performance, Blowfish.

I only came coz it's free. blowfish was packed with sweaty oriental-looking barbie-wannabe's.
the usual friday nite r&b tunes were played after Drew's performance.
a nice one-hour express niteout on Ramadhan, afterall.

will be posting about a fall preview soon ;)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

to the malingsial.

I met this guy last month at my church' gathering. He's really down to earth and very passionate about his music. Igor 'Saykoji' Penyami is really creative. Unfortunately, his works have been stolen by ehm...some artists from the neighbouring country. So this is how he gets back at them. Check this out y'all, and support Indonesia. Go Igor !

breaking the spell of the typical