Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the curtain call

FINALLY! blogspot is on again. gosh, I was so pissed when I found out that the government blocked this site.

anyways, I am moving on to the next phase of my life. 

after spending a year back in jakarta, I realize that I've been clinging too much on the habits and way of thinking that I used to posses as a 19 year-old student in Sydney.

I'm 20, a diploma graduate with stacks of dreams to fulfill, who's running out of time.

all of those memories of fun life that was far from responsibility are great, but I have to shake them off and get real.

to mark this resolution, I announce my new blog
as the new platform to express my thoughts and opinions, with a simpler style.

thanks for hitting this blog for more than 2000 times in just a few months! I am flattered. 

now, spread the word will ya? link it to your website,blog, fb, twitter, and any other social addictions you're into. i'm looking for your comments, and your friends and their friends' too.

do come back here and check the archives every once in a while if you want ;)


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

the 'trying so hard'-ers at 365

4th of November 2009, 'Facehunter' party at 365 Ecobar, Kemang.

so basically this infamous photographer/blogger came to Jakarta for 3 days. he's known for the street style photographs he took all over the world (like the Sartorialist). knowing this, tons of people came to the party to meet him, and of course, to get photographed by him.

the party was literally boiling. people dressed their best, to impress yvan. some even pulled him, talked to him like they've known him forever, and danced with him like they would sleep with him.

poor yvan rodic, he was like squeezed and touched by girls dying to be his model.
the girl behind, in white, on the table? behind her, there was another girl. who was wearing a long black tutu, looking like Rob Zombie's bride. with her red lips, she was banging her hands on the wall, trying to look like she was so into the beat. and of course, yvan took a picture of her.

do you really have to embarrass yourself and look very odd for people to notice you?

being the 'cool & don't-want-to-look-like-i-want-to-be-photographed' girl,
I finally got out of my box and said hi to him. he photographed my face, with his camera only 5 cm away from me. it must be one sweaty picture of mine. with my pores all over. haha. whatev.
at least, I learned how to do some 'networking' and talk to famous people without being too perky. coz it's really not my style, seriously.

I prefer Alexa Chung's poise rather than Miley Cyrus' over-bubbly-ness.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Five Day Southeast Asian Getaway

they meant 'finger-lickin' good. this somehow sounds kinky to me.

jalan Alor fritters. so you fry them yourselves (with over-used cooking oil) and dip them in the sauce.

RM 1 - RM 4 per stick. I was having oyster.

buking bintang intersection. the city of KL has all the advanced facilities, but poor sense of belonging

wat-arum. wat means temple. arum means light. a truly ancient Thai masterpiece

my little heaven of croco bags in Bangkok. got the cheapest one with only 200 Bhat (Rp 60,000)

al-cazar cabaret show. yea..they're all transgenders. some of them look like manohara, dewi sandra, and titi kamal. the operation only costs US$ 1,600-ish.

let's do another round, girls. can't wait for the next trip.

featured in ABC's Rantang

check this out y'all, my dear friend Karina wrote a piece about my view of Indo & Aussy media in ABC's Indonesian students blog called Rantang.

without any intention of being such a media know-it-all, I'm just pouring my brain out. So, please read and comment :)

breaking the spell of the typical