Thursday, May 15, 2008

the worst class ever

"This class is the worst class anyone has ever taught"

--Mike Minehan told me & Aditi as soon as we got to class..30 minutes late, Aditi handing her essay which was due the week before. The class was empty, we were the first ones who turned up. Marielle, Steph, and JY arrived a few minutes after..Minehan looked a bit tired that day.

He told me that our class has been the worst class by far. We're the laziest, tardiest, and most unmotivated class anyone has ever taught. He told us that the communication department of insearch held a meeting to talk about a new system, because of our class. Woowwww..

were we that bad, people?

I didn't know we were..I didn't know that we were so bad that we contribute to the change of the whole system in insearch' communication department. it's not a very good feeling to have ur lecturer telling you that.

I think we're creative, I think we're different, even though we're only a few.. but! we're lazy, I admit that. we could hardly show up on time for classes, we hand in our assignment late, etc.

but, I think it's juz quite rude to tell us that we're the worst class anyone has ever taught, I'm sure some teachers still love us hehee..

what do u guys think?

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Where is my red-heart shaped balloon?

I know. The title is quite too 'cutesy' and cheesy, but hey! it's the title of my short film project that I'm going to shoot tomorrow..aaarghh.. I am sooo excited! yet nervous at the same's the synopsis that I've written for the proposal

"An innocent young girl is searching for love. She is on a mission to find a guy with a red heart-shaped balloon. She searches around the crowded city to find him. A few guys appeared but they eventually disappeared. At the end of the day, the girl gets tired, hopeless, desperate, and is ready to go home. Suddenly, a red, heart shaped balloon appears from across the street. Is it only her illusion? Or has she really found her red, heart-shaped balloon?"

hehe.. this movie metaphors love as a Red heart-shaped balloon.. it will be only about 5 minutes, with no dialogue. I really want to make this film good, soo.. support me please, people! leave comments, tell me what u think about the movie, etc. mwah mwahh!

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