Monday, March 30, 2009

what happened to your stockings?

did she like tie-die it herself? argh..cute!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

bunderan h.i's darkest hour

in response to WWF's Earth Hour campaign
Jakarta switched most of her lights for one hour last nite.
the metropolitan sure looked different without the glam lighting on the weekend.
people gathered at bunderan trying to capture the moment.
and these were all I've got with my phone cam. ugh.

antrhopology lesson #184890

case study : the egocentrics
  • Characteristic : arrogant, self-absorbed, always put themselves first in any circumstances
  • Dangerous mindset : apologizing/ admitting mistakes = weakness
  • Result #1: they won't apologize or admit any of their mistake for whatever reason
  • Result #2 : people around them got hurt, esp. the closest ones
  • What to do : prove-wrong their mindset by doing the opposite --> not afraid to apologize and admit your mistake which would show how much better it is to be humble rather than being arrogant and egocentric.
Caution : it's up to the person whether they want to change or not. you can't force it.
and for that reason, you have to really consider this --> if the person's heart is big enough to realize that he needs to change, and that he is willing to do so,the person is worth it. if he still holds on to his pride...(answer this yourself)

Quick fact : we all have that egocentric side in us. some people just have it in a way bigger portion than we do. and they don't know how to minimize it.

lesson learned.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


you've gotten on my last nerve, mr.
my very last strength to stand up for us.

my rotten heart is getting too weak to take in
the chronic pain in my chest.

selfishness. impatience. they're killing me, mr.

i've gone from 'careless' & 'lack of attention'
to 'caring too much & nagging'

never enough, hey mr?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

job, acitivity, money?

moz : i need a job, dude.
h.g : a job, an activity, or the money?
moz : hmm...actually, i just need to fulfill my ever-living passion & dreams.
h.g : then do so.

-- do so?

talk on the microphone
to hundreds and thousands of people
on tv and radio?

write articles read by thousands?
make movies watched by millions?

i will! i will!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

back in the island

I'm back in the island y'all. The place where my last name is rooted, Ambon Manise.
i guess i'm getting away from all of the pressure in the big city.
relaxing, helping thousands of people along with my parents, and just being happy.

i'll get back to Jakarta for my late 14.14 celebration with r, gdemganjas arisan, job interviews, and oakenfeld's performance at segarra.

in the mean time, let me take a sip of the coconut juice with fried bananas company.

oh la la.

Monday, March 9, 2009

again, wisdom from dad

Pernahkah dalam hidupmu, engkau menyuruh datang dini hari,
Atau fajar kau tunjukkan tempatnya?
Apakah engkau telah masuk sampai ke perbendaharaan salju,
atau melihat perbendaharaan hujan batu?
Siapakah yang menggali saluran bagi hujan deras,
dan jalan bagi kilat guruh?
Siapa dapat mencurahkan tempayan-tempayan langit?

Oleh perintahmu kah burung elang terbang,
mengembangkan sayapnya menuju selatan?
Atas permintaanmu kah rajawali terbang membumbung,
dan membuat sarangnya di tempat tertinggi?

Sebelum kamu cukup berhikmat untuk melakukan semua diatas,
Kamu nggak berhak memprotes Sang Pencipta.

-- Papa, during breakfast, reading the book of Job.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

6 a.m revelation

i woke up to a weird stomachache this morning.
the house was empty. everyone's gone to church.

the thought of last night's conversation popped.
my tears started bursting out.

just before the pity-partying went far
i heard a whisper in my ears
telling me that He looks right through me
that i am beautiful
and that i don't have to be good enough.

everything good that i have today -- none of them i deserve.
yet, i could call them mine this morning.

what a life you've given me, God. what a life.

thousand times i've failed, Your mercy remains
should i stumble again, still i'm caught in Your grace
everlasting, Your light will shine when all else fades
-- United, "Inside Out"

Thursday, March 5, 2009

my new source of laughter - fml

just when you feel like your life couldn't get any worse than this

read the stories at fuckmylife

trust me, there are so many less fortunate people out there. i mean really, they're hilariously fucked. hahahaha.

bazaar amica

the idea of saying 'I'm working for Harper's Bazaar' or 'Amica' seems very cool.
i have a passion for writing.

i really want to write articles that matter. social issues, lifestyle, art & entertainment, and any other thing that could have an impact in people's life.

not articles that'd make women feel bad for not buying the $800 jimmy choo or christian louboutin.

i wanna give ideas & inspiration. something informative, educative, relevant, yet amusing.

let's hope they'd call for next interviews.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Life 101

Dad : remember Joseph?

Me : mm...the dreamer who was sold to slavery by his brothers?

Dad : yeap. do you know what happened to him?

Me : he was enslaved for years

Dad : 12 years.

Me : wow.

Dad : he ended up being the king's adviser -with no money, status, family to hold on to, or any formal education- just because he was different. he held on to what he believed in when nobody did.

Me : hmm..(nodding)

Dad : you see, money and status would only get you so far. but faith and God's favor could take you to places you never thought you could.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Equation of Power

Power = Responsibility

Responsibility = Maturity

Maturity = Selflessness + Discernment

Power should only be granted to those with Selflessness and Discernment.

teach me to be selfless like You.
teach me to choose right from wrong.

breaking the spell of the typical