Sunday, June 28, 2009

attention, ladies

Alexa Chung
in British Vogue July'09 Ageless Style Issue
Just bought it yesterday

In the article 'It's a Boy Thing', she questions artists like Pussycat Dolls' integrity in portraying 'girl power' by showing off their cup size instead of their attitude, they dress as though to attract men, while they sing songs about how they don't need a man.

Living in the city where every girl looks the same: long hair, skinny, blackberry, cigarette, heels, dressing up to go to malls as though they're going to their cousin's wedding; talking with the same dialects; having the same interests of looking good and being 'exis',
I totally get what she's saying.

women of our generation needs an attitude and authenticity. like seriously.
we need to redefine what it means to be beautiful, loving, yet bold and smart at the same time.

not what it means to others. but to you.
what does it mean to be beautiful, to you and are you comfortable with it?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


haven't been productive with this blog lately. been too occupied with so many different things

plus articles are coming endlessly. am thankful for that.
am planning to open a new bank account and start saving up for the future (read: Milan & NY trip)
amen to that hehe ;)

a new side project offer has just came recently, hopefully I could cope up with that too
and also dad's radio stuff. blah.

it's like the world is catching up on me now
it's like i've been gone somewhere for quite a while

am taking things nice and slow.

I'll post some philosophies or anything interesting soon, ayt ;) hope y'all been good out there

Saturday, June 13, 2009


minty meets munt coat.
calvin klein dress.
linea schamp platforms.
pasar seni bali bangles.
captured by the markermotion for our portfolio.

*Dutch for simply stunning

Friday, June 12, 2009

cheesy, but i just feel like writing this down

i won't say bad things about you
curse you, or even convince everyone that everything was your fault.
i don't regret what we had
cause it was real and beautiful as it was.

you taught me what it was to love and be loved
what it was to be a woman
to love unconditionally
to be tender, understanding, and calm
and to stand by her man through all circumstances
even the most painful ones

you made me believe in serious relationships
and attaching myself to a guy
emotionally, physically, mentally

and finally, you taught me to think about what's best for me
and make one of the hardest and most impossible decisions in my life
when it was necessary.

i'm glad that i've at least had the chance to take care of you
at the last days of this thing we called 'commitment'
built since 17 months ago.

no resentment. no anger. no revenge.

i wish you all the best in fulfilling your dream
be the man you were born to become
and finding another girl, who's more patient, more gentle, and more suitable for you.

"flames to dust, lovers to friends
all good things come to an end"


Sunday, June 7, 2009

gloomy weekend.

had to meet up to keep us from crying. each with her own drama. all captured in black&white.

credits to andres and risty's camera. hope for the best weekend, prepare for the worst. blah ;)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ahh. overrated

the highlight of Pussycat Dolls 'Doll Domination' concert for me was not the R&B sassy quintet (or quartet, since Jessica didn't show up that night)
but, the celebrities and socialites who showed up at the one hour musical act
and the news-hungry press who followed them around.

oh my gosh. it was like watching a puppet show.

henry, tya, meljie and I were standing on the sides of the entrance 'red carpet'
with our media partner id (thanks to nu:B magazine)
when we saw these people who came with leather pants, 3cm-thick-powdered face,
christian louboutin heels, and sequence dresses
walking, pretending they didn't want the journalists to ask them question
yet they posed and looked at the camera with the 'please ask me questions and make me feel famous' face. and the press were crazy to do so.

we couldn't help but to shake our heads and giggle

there has been a downgrading in journalism,media, and art industry during the last decade.
it's getting so bad that people are getting more and more desperate

nowadays, it's either you go all the way and produce excellent and high quality works (like Nia Dinata's movies and Efek Rumah Kaca's music) or you do the very crappy one (and I mean, very crappy) to get people to talk about you (like Dewi Perssik and Kuburan Band)

what makes it worse is the fact that media encourages this downgrading by exposing and promoting them!
they don't investigate or expose things that are worth it,relevant, and of value anymore.

check out this scene at an interview with Manohara Odelia Pinot recently:

I: Hey, Mano, so how many Hermes Birkin Bag do you have?
M: *thinking* Mmm...six or seven I think.
I: Wow, and is that Christian Louboutin you're wearing?
M: Mm...*looking at the brand's signature red soles she stood on* Yeah, it is.

And this was supposed to be an interview with a girl who's been sexually abused?
trust me, I watched it live on TV. the next question was 'where do you usually go shopping' gosh!

well the point is. i just think it's tragic that media is reporting,exposing,chasing, and encouraging the rise of this 'pembodohan informasi'. it's just overrated.

oh well ;) talking about being an idealist. haha.

Monday, June 1, 2009

not too cold, not too warm.

it's easier to constantly make a big deal of your emotion and feelings
and forget about anything else that matters most

it's easier to use your emptiness
as an excuse to go astray
justifying the thoughts of lowering your standard
by saying 'i feel like it' or 'i just can't help it'

it never gets you anywhere.

feelings and emotions are shaky
they're vulnerable, unstable, and ever-changing
which makes relying on them hundred times more dangerous than you realize.

basing your life on how you feel
is selfish and moreover, damaging
to yourself, career, relationship, future, everything.

i've tried my hands on this in the past 3 months
and all i can say is: it's exhausting.

we are constantly overwhelmed with ever-changing feelings and emotions
it's very human, yet it's not an excuse.

make sure you keep your heart in balance. not too cold, not too warm.
just right enough to keep you going.

breaking the spell of the typical