Sunday, November 1, 2009

Five Day Southeast Asian Getaway

they meant 'finger-lickin' good. this somehow sounds kinky to me.

jalan Alor fritters. so you fry them yourselves (with over-used cooking oil) and dip them in the sauce.

RM 1 - RM 4 per stick. I was having oyster.

buking bintang intersection. the city of KL has all the advanced facilities, but poor sense of belonging

wat-arum. wat means temple. arum means light. a truly ancient Thai masterpiece

my little heaven of croco bags in Bangkok. got the cheapest one with only 200 Bhat (Rp 60,000)

al-cazar cabaret show. yea..they're all transgenders. some of them look like manohara, dewi sandra, and titi kamal. the operation only costs US$ 1,600-ish.

let's do another round, girls. can't wait for the next trip.

breaking the spell of the typical